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Reese Chenille Sofa - Dark Grey
Freya Chenille Sofa - Oak
Max Faux Leather Sofa - Black
Cali Fabric Storage Futon - Grey
Kisper Coffee Table
Astana Coffee Table
Vogue Futon - Charcoal
Peyton Microsuede Sofa - Grey
Hazel Chenille Sofa - Quartz
Kona Grove Coffee Table
Vienna Coffee Table
Hazel Chenille Loveseat - Quartz
Hazel Chenille Chair - Quartz
1-48 of 1324
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Living Room Furniture

Furnishing your living room is a big undertaking. However, it doesn’t have to be a challenge. With our wide selection of living room furniture, you’ll be able to find a couch, coffee table, sofa and/or sectional that matches your needs. To make this process simpler, we’ll help you start by figuring out your style, then explaining how to arrange certain pieces in your living room and finally we’ll give some tips on how to mix-and-match pieces to make the most or of your space.

First, consider your design style. We carry contemporary furniture, modern furniture and everything in-between. Therefore, the style decision lies in your hands. If you’re someone who likes neutrals with clean lines and warm fabrics, contemporary furniture may be the right choice for you. However if you like chrome, glass and unique shapes, modern furniture is right up your alley. Browse our site to find the style that fits your home aesthetic.

When it comes to arranging your living room, think about functionality first. Maybe your living room is going to be a sitting room, separate from the TV room. Therefore, your anchor will be the center of the room. Every piece of furniture in the room will revolve around the coffee table, which is placed in the middle, making conversing over cocktails easier. However, if your living room is game-day central, consider making the TV the anchor. Consider a sectional with end tables for a room with this functionality. That way you can fit more people on the furniture facing the TV and guests at each end of the sectional have their

Lastly, you may find yourself trying to decorate your sitting room and falling in love with some modern furniture and some contemporary furniture – that’s okay! Mixing and matching your living room furniture is totally fine and can actually bring an added layer of depth to your décor. Combining different aesthetics is not only a great compromise, but it creates an eclectic, curated look. Our one tip for mixing and matching – stick to one or two wood tones. Adding too many different finishes to a space can become very busy very quickly. If you stick to a couple of select finishes, branching into different styles becomes a breeze!

At the end of the day your living room is for you to enjoy. Pick a style that you love, arrange the living room furniture based on how you’ll use it and if you fall in love with pieces outside of your initial style choice, add them to your space. It’s time to put some life into your living room!