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    2.4 Cu. Ft. Heavy Duty Washer - White

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    Item Code: WFJ1254 | VSN: WFJ1254

    • Width : 23.5"
    • Depth : 23.8"
    • Height : 33.5"
    Key Features and Specifications:
    • 1200 RPM Spin Speed
    • 14 Wash Cycles
    • 5 Soil Levels
    • Space Saving & Big Drum
    • Shower Spinning
    Powerful Germ-Removal of Silver Wash
    Bacteria & fungi are removed 99.9% by Silver Nano, therefore no further proliferation of germs will be effected.

    Anti-Detergent Residue
    SAMSUNG washing machines fully dissolve detergent to a completely liquefied state. Compared with other washing machines in the market, SAMSUNG machines leave less detergent residue after spinning, thus helping reduce potential skin problems caused by detergent.

    Space Saving & Big Drum
    With a bigger capacity drum, the WF-B1254 washer allows more garments to be washed in one go, meaning fewer loads to wash at the same level of washing as a traditional 2.4cu.ft capacity drum. The WF-B1254 also fits under a standard 24" counter without protruding from the work surface, alleviating the need to place the washer in the dusty garage or utility room.

    Energy Saving
    Washing just got more efficient and less expensive. Our Energy Savings feature shortens wash cycles, giving you more time and more money in your pocket. It is all thanks to our Digital Detergent Dissolving Device and shower spin technology.

    Improved Washing Results
    Even with the same amount and type of detergent used in previous washers, you will notice a remarkable difference in your wash, visibly improved due to the detergent being dissolved through SAMSUNG's unique detergent dissolving liquid.

    Shower Spinning
    Conventional rinsing can leave detergent residue after the wash cycle is complete. The Shower Spinning feature sprays jets of water into the wash during the spin cycle, ensuring that while the detergent is being washed through, it also drains away the residue.

    Other Specifications:
    • Capacity: 2.5 cu. ft.
    • Colour: Neat White
    • Door Trim: Plastic White
    • Motor: Belt Drive
    • Display: inlay + LED
    • 1200 RPM
    • Energy Consumption: 156 Kw/year
    • Child Lock
    • 14 Wash Cycles
    • Standard Wash Cycle Options: Heavy Duty, Normal, Wool, Delicates / Hand Wash, Perm Press, Towels, Rinse+Spin, and Quick Wash.
    • 5 Temperature Options
    • 5 Spin Speeds
    • 5 Soil Levels
    • 3 Detergent Dispensers: Normal, Softener and Bleach
    • 3 Signal Level Options
    • Net Height: 33.5”
    • Net Width: 23.5”
    • Net Depth: 23.6”
    • Net Weight: 165,4 lb