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    Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

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    Item Code: LEATHER

    This Leather Cleaner & Conditioner has been carefully formulated to remove water and oil based stains from your leather furniture, and when applied as a preventative measure it works effectively to help new leather resist liquid stains, prevents cracking, reduce fading, and restore the natural beauty of your leather.

    "A Better Life.... for all your furniture"

    • Helps resist liquid spills, preventing stains.
    • Dirt and dust do not penetrate leather, preventing leather from drying and cracking.
    • Liquid Cleaner is formulated to remove water and oil based stains, preventing permanent damage.
    • Conditioner is formulated with an added sunscreen to reduce fading and rotting caused by the sun.
    • Conditioner replenishes natural oils restoring the natural beauty of your leather.
    • UV3 products do not clog the pores of your leather, enabling the leather to breathe naturally.
    • Regular use of UV3 leather products will maintain a soft, supple look and feel to your leather making your leather furniture look and feel new longer.
    • Should be applied every 6 months, based on usage.