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    Align Position Pillow® – Side Sleeper

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    Item Code: BFP052WMQ

    About 70% of people sleep on their side, so make sure you get the right pillow for a good night’s sleep! The Align position side sleeper pillow helps to keep your spine in alignment by containing extra fill, while the Air-X® panels provide temperature regulation for a comfortable rest. This pillow comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

    • Width : 25"
    • Depth : 15"
    • Height : 28"
    Key Features and Specifications:
    • Ideal for side sleepers.
    • Extra fill to keep the head elevated.
    • Ergonomic Support.
    • Air-X® panels.
    • 2 Year Warranty.
    Ideal for Side Sleepers.
    Proper head and neck support is important for all sleepers. For side sleepers, pillows should cradle the head and neck properly, allowing space for the shoulder’s location and giving you a more comfortable and restful sleep.

    Extra Fill
    The Align side sleeper pillow contains extra fibre to raise the pillow height, ensuring side sleepers have an even spine during their sleep.

    Ergonomic Support
    Ensuring the spine is in alignment during sleep is key to a good night’s rest. Without that alignment, sleepers can wake up stiff, sore, and

    Air-X® panels
    The ventilated Air-X® panels help maintain your ideal sleep temperature, giving you conforming sleep comfort.

    2 Year Warranty
    This pillow features a 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.