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    White Bedrooms

    White is everywhere in 2009. Look around. You’ll find white cabinets in the kitchen, white tables and chairs in the dining room. Cool and crisp, it brings an air of lightness to any room, and the bedroom is no exception. Here are a few tips on blanching your bedroom.

    Adraina Comforter Set

    When going all-white in your bedroom, layer different patterns, shades, and textures to add dimension and depth. When one colour dominates, the details catch the eye.

    Shown Above: 9 Piece Adraina Comforter Set

    Brook Panel Bedroom

    Use white furniture with earth tones in your bedroom's flooring, rugs and linen for a restful, relaxing feel.

    Shown Above: 6 Piece Brook Panel Bedroom

    Tranquility Comforter Set

    You don't always need to go with a minimalist or monochromatic look when you buy white furniture. White has a way of drawing the eye to whatever it frames, so pair it with black, or splash it with colour to really let things pop.

    Shown Above: 9 Piece Tranquility Comforter Set

    Empress White Comforter Set

    Balance the bright. White reflects the light, and, used consistently, can give a darker room or corner an instant lift.

    Shown Above: 9 Piece Empress White Comforter Set

    City Circle Duvet Set

    Not all whites are the same. Be sure to match up whites as you would any other colour, so that none of your selections look pallid by comparison.

    Shown Above: 4 Piece City Circle Duvet Set

    Aspen Panel Bedroom

    Matching whites with paneling, natural woods, and accents of pale blue can give your bedroom a fresh, subtle seaside theme.

    Shown Above: 4 Piece Aspen Panel Bedroom

    If your white colour scheme leaves you underwhelmed, try adding brightly coloured or bold patterned linens and toss pillows into the mix.

    Shown Right: 9 Piece Baroque Comforter Set

    Baroque Comforter Set