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    THE LOOK Chair Share: This dining room pairs the Montibello dining table with marble top and art deco chairs.

    Think “contemporary” and “new and novel” springs to mind, too. By trying several dashes of something new, you’ll add the fl ashes of personality that light up the simple lines of a modern room. It’s easy: mismatch some pre-packaged furniture sets; experiment with new materials; or allow spots of colour or texture you love into a safer scheme.

    RoCK SoLiDS


    our love affair with marble continues, as the distinctive stone expands beyond kitchen countertops to grace tables large and small, in insets or as the main surface. Marbling options include domestic marble (from China), or imported marbles from locales such as Spain and Turkey. Also on the rise: faux marble, an eye-deceiving mix of paper and polyurethane coating over MDF board, at a fraction of what the real thing costs.

    Wood tabletops are a natural, but for a statement beyond traditional oak or maple, homeowners are branching out into more exotic species. Emerging exotics like mango and acacia are beginning to replace rubberwood as the trees du jour, usually finished in medium to dark stains. Also popular: the “distressed” look, wood deliberately banged up or marked for a rustic or vintage feel, similar to Indian woods.


    MiX iT UP

    Designers are also pairing light and dark woods together in attention grabbing two-tone styles. Most often achieved with a light wood used for the top, and darker for the legs.

    Mixed media enthusiasts have a new option to consider when thinking about combining different elements in their tables — slate. This new direction builds on the popular contemporary trend of mixing wood, metals and/ or glass in furniture pieces. Due to slate’s unevenness, it’s debuting first in occasional tables, but some metalframed slate insets are also found in edgier dining tables.

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