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    THE LOOK For a contemporary feel, select sofas with low backs and side arms, low, sleek and well-tailored.

    LUXURIOUS AND NATURAL, leather furniture instantly imbues a room with an ambience of quality and prestige. Versatile enough for any décor, it’s especially wonderful in contemporary design where its richness graciously counters simple lines. Warm in winter, cool in summer and non-allergenic, leather cleans easily and withstands the romping of children and pets. And it ages beautifully.

    Leather lingo

    Top-grain or split-grain? Aniline or semi-aniline? Natural or corrected? What’s it all mean and what’s best?

    A simple lesson in the language of leather will enhance your buying experience. Leather varies in quality, which is refl ected in pricing. There’s no right or wrong answer. The final decision is yours, based on which leather best suits your budget, lifestyle needs and personal preferences.




    Top Grain or Split Grain?

    As a hide is cured, it’s split to divide the stronger top layer from the layer beneath. The upper portion yields the best leather, known as top grain. The remaining hide becomes split leather.

    Top grain is for leather connoisseurs who value its luxurious feel, texture, durability and suppleness.

    Split grain is not as soft or long-lasting, but is considerably less expensive.
    Top-grain leather sofas should last a lifetime; split-grain have a live expectancy of about fi ve years.

    Corrected, semi-corrected or natural grain?

    Top-grain leather is graded into three categories. High quality hides need less processing.
    Grade 1 | Corrected Grain. The hide is polished smooth to remove imperfections before the surface coating is applied.
    Grade 2 | Semi-Corrected Grain. This grain is lightly buffed to remove any natural blemishes.
    Grade 3 | Natural or Full Grain. From the fi nest hides, this grain has no need for “correction” or polishing

    The higher the grade, the higher the quality (and the price).
    Grade 1 | is the most durable, although it has a stiffer feel. A good choice for homes with young children or pets.

    Grade 2 | is softer, with Grade 3 | being the softest, most natural-looking leather.

    Pure Aniline or Semi–Aniline?

    Aniline is a clear dye used during the tanning process.

    Pure Aniline leather: glove-soft texture, which develops a distinctive patina over time. Minimal processing, so only the fi nest hides are used. Sometimes referred to as “naked” leather, it’s less resistant to stains and soling.

    Semi-Aniline: aniline-treated, then further processed (a topcoat is applied to even the colour and hide any imperfections.) Available in hundreds of colours. Still soft, but more moderately priced and easier upkeep.

    Lugano Sofa


    Why choose premium leather

    As its name suggests, premium leather is a term used to describe the fi nest of leathers, including the highest grades of top-grain leathers. Premium leather furniture will also feature 100 per cent leather coverage, unlike leather lines priced for the more economy-minded which use bonded or blended leather as well as better quality leather. Bonded leather is the lowest quality of leather, patched or chemically fused together from scraps of leather, with the lowest durability.
    Some furniture manufacturers also substitute synthetic polyurethane “leather” fabric or faux leather in less visible areas to reduce costs. While faux leather offers options for those on restricted budgets, as well as the eco-minded who value its non-animal origins, it lacks the breathability of true leather, and will age and wear differently from the genuine leather used in other parts of a piece of furniture. When a sofa or other furniture item carries the “premium leather” label, a consumer can be confi dent that leather is top-grade and top-of-the-line.

    The Brick’s Lugano line boasts premium leather on the seats
    and split grains on the sides and
    backs of the sofa.

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