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    Massage chairs were created in California in 1986 as portable devices that therapists could use to deliver seated, full-body massages at locations other than private clinics. Their design meant that clients could wear street clothes while still giving massage therapists adequate access. Soon they were popping up in high-traffic, public spaces like airports, hotel lobbies and conventions.
    Those early devices have evolved remarkably, in both function and style, and now they can come home with you, too.
    These days, massage chairs are programmed with several robotic (automatic) massages dispensed via a variety of massage techniques, from shiatsu to acupressure. As well, there’s a wide range of sophisticated constructions. Modern massage chairs are handsome enough to fit in with your best décor and come in a pleasing choice of prices. All are designed to target tension in your back and neck, with some models that also soothe calves and feet. In addition to relieving stress and feeling good, chair massagers are widely believed to benefit your circulatory and immune systems just as manually delivered massages reputedly do.

    Cineplex Massage Recliner

    With the Cineplex Massage Recliner, you can sooth your aching body with heated lumbar support and 10 different functions for digital massage. Then prop up side tables for a treat while watching movies or working on the laptop. The Cineplex is available in top-grain leather or velvet micro-fiber fabrics.

    Black Robotic Massage Recliner

    The Heirloom Black Robotic Massage Recliner is crafted of bonded glove leather and a solid oak armrest and base. In addition to its pre-programmed massages it offers a quad-roller massage that allows you to focus extra attention on specific areas, a cloth “soft-window” for more intense neck massage, a two-layer, folded design head pillow and a foot and calf massager. It’s also a power-recliner.

    Animated acents

    Accent chairs add that extra stroke of personality that takes a room from nicely furnished to strikingly decorated. They have several distinct uses. If you’re just starting to experiment, a good place to begin is by identifying and remembering the specific effect you want to accomplish.
    One easy and satisfying job for an accent chair is to define a bonus space in your main seating arrangement. Use a lone chair to create a supplemental area specifically for reading, listening to music, or just drinking in a great view. Your purpose will determine the style of chair — a chaise for sun-kissed naps or perhaps a cosy chair for crocheting?
    Offset the chair, add a small basket or table plus a task lamp, and voila, you’ve accented. Accent chairs can also emphasize or soften a room’s main theme or colour scheme. In a neutral zone with occasional hints of colour, a chair in one strong hue will communicate that the touch of colour wasn’t an accident. In a bright room, a large chair in a neutral will give the eye a relaxing break.

    Addin Cream Chair

    The Addin Club Chair with its compact footprint in luxurious faux-leather, is ideal for accenting small spaces that want to underscore either retro or modern themes.

    Aaron Reclining Chair

    The Aaron Red Reclining Accent Chair is a splendid accent chair choice because it will insert surprise into a predominantly modern or traditional décor, and pull together the mood of a transitional room, too. Take advantage of its smooth reclining mechanism not just in a family or great room, but in an office, bedroom or hallway.

    Sleek stools

    For polished seating that seamlessly connects your kitchen’s décor to the rest of your living space, nothing beats bar stools. Their simple structure lets the eye glide across a gathering of multiple stools without tripping over clutter. And because bar stool designs now run the gamut from chic and sculptural to exotic or rustic, in colours and textures that can be serene or punchy, they’re hardworking accessories as well as valuable essentials.
    To maximize their contribution to your interior design, remember these simple tips:

    • Size up a bar stool from all angles. Usually it’s their backsides that greet you first. Make sure they are well-made from the rear view.

    • Decide whether they will be occupied briefly (for drinks) or longer periods (full meals). Wood and metal seatconstruction is fine for short stays, but for lingering you’ll want bigger, deeper seat surfaces.

    • Measure your counter or table height and leave 10 to 13 inches between its bottom and the stool seat, for comfortable posture and movement while eating.

    Dakota Counter Height Chair

    The Dakota Counter Height Bar Stool presents both glamour and durability. Made of chocolate-coloured, solid mango hardwood with bi-cast leather seats in easy-to-clean polyurethane, it can be matched with a pub table, bench and server in the same wood.

    Ali 30

    The 30" Ali Barstool has a solid frame and footrest. It also comes with plastic glides on the legs to protect flooring.

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