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    1. Find your perfect match

    A good night’s sleep starts with a good mattress … but which one is right for you? Humans come in an amazing range of physiques, each with unique sleep patterns and health concerns, so the answer lies in finding what’s best for you. The good news: there’s a multitude of different mattress constructions and technologies to choose from. The bad news: there are so many, how to find your perfect match? To shorten the road to refreshed, it’s helpful to research the basics — then find somewhere to lie down. Nothing compares to putting a mattress to your personal compatibility test, and it’s important to try out different types firsthand. The Brick takes the leg-work out of your search with its one-stop selection of premium brands. Here are a few to consider.

    Tempur-Pedic Pillows
    Memory Foam Impression

    Tempur-pedic Mattress
    There are many good reasons why the Tempur-Pedic mattress has one of the lowest return rates in the industry and is backed by a 20-year warranty. Its revolutionary memory foam was first developed for NASA’s space program to relieve the tremendous g-forces experienced by astronauts, and in 1998 Tempur material was inducted into the US Space Technology Hall of Fame. More recent down-to-earth endorsements include recommendations by medical professionals around the world and a prestigious thumbsup from the Arthritis Society of Canada. In fact, its unique ability to support and distribute weight evenly qualifies it for medical classification as a “pressure-relieving surface” in hospitals and health institutions. It’s even hypoallergenic, and can be a deductible medical expense with a physician’s referral. There are significant differences as well between authentic Tempur material and its “quick-recovery” memory foam imitators. Only its patented integration of multiple layers has the engineering needed to respond to an individual’s shape, weight and body temperature, conforming to and supporting every curve comfortably. Inferior memory foams simply push against the body, creating unpleasant counter-pressure points. The material, however, becomes soft where the body needs comfort and remains firm where the body needs support.

    Sealy Posturepedic & Serta Perfect Sleeper
    You have to consistently provide a good night’s sleep to earn a ranking as a leading mattress manufacturer — and both Sealy Posturepedic and Serta Perfect Sleeper have earned the right to bunk down among the world’s top best-sellers. Here’s why their mattresses keep coming out on top.

    Sealy Posturepedic Performance

    Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite
    Leads the bedding industry in the research and development field. Decades of simulated time/wear and fatigue testing have resulted in patented technology that provides optimum support and comfort through orthopedically correct design. All Sealy designs are subject to the professional scrutiny of an advisory board of orthopaedic surgeons, clinicians and
    sleep researchers.
    Serta’s famous for its cute animated
    counting sheep, but what’s really makes
    it memorable with slumber seekers is its
    ability to live up to its trademarked claim
    of being the “World’s Best Mattress.”
    The Dual Support Collection is crafted using Spacetech Memory Foam, luxurious latex and generous layers of comfort foams. It has a deep, cradling feel that moulds around the entire body for uniform support. It is designed to maintain skeletal alignment. The Perfect Sleeper Elite mixes its flagship innerspring with the durability and conformance of a tempered pocket coil. The combination allows for immediate pressure point relief and deep, enduring support.

    This mattress is part of the Natural Start collection that uses soy-infused foams, bamboo rayon and organic cotton fabrics as well as 95 per cent post consumer recycled steel in the innerspring and foundation
    The Sealy Performance is made from Lycra, an elastane fibre that has extensive stretch and recovery. Quite durable, the Lycra helps the mattress retain its shape, allowing for a more comfortable, free-moving sleep.

    The Unique Variable Response Foam Technology adds a new level of comfort, support and durability to a sleep system.
    Its best-selling Serta Perfect Sleeper has set the standard for a great night’s sleep for more than 75 years, thanks to its exclusive Advanced Comfort Quilt,layered above rows of Continuous Support Innerspring. Consumer Digest rates the Perfect Sleeper on its “Best Buy” list.
    The upgraded 805DS coil is high-functioning. While Synerfl ex pocket coils cushion on the surface, its Posturetech inner core provides deep orthopedic support.

    Serta Latex Foam provides instant comfort that lasts throughout the night. It’s also naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, for a healthier night’s sleep.

    Serta also offers space-age Visco-elastic Memory Foam, for body-cradling comfort. Because comfort and degree of support are personal preferences, Serta mattresses come in four different sleeping surfaces: Euro Top, Firm, Pillow Top and Plush.

    2. Talk up Pillow – Go Natural

    Want to sleep soundly, with a clear eco-conscience? Rest your head nightly on Natura’s pillows and you can. Sustainability, green initiatives and good health are behind all Natural wool, latex, foam and organic pillows.

    Natura Pillows

    Green Choice
    Natura is the only bedding manufacturer in North America that cards its own wool to reduce transportation costs and emissions. Unlike most 100-per-cent petroleum-based foam pillows, they contain 30 per cent soy-based poly foams. Latex pillows are made from a shredded latex process invented by Natura to rescue previously wasted latex ends from landfills. Ends are shredded and used in pillow cores, which also biodegrade more quickly when their lifecycle is finished. Certified organic wool and cotton fabrics use vegetable dyes to eliminate chemicals.

    Healthy Choice
    A healthy choice for the planet, Natura’s also healthy for people. Although we enjoy the comfort of pillows, nasty little critters like dust mites, mold and mildew love them too. If you’ve ever woken up with a stuffy nose and red, itchy eyes, these unwanted bed partners could be the reason why. By combining natural materials, Natura creates an environment that’s hostile to unwanted contaminants, but comfortable for humans. Wool wicks away moisture that bacteria thrives on; latex is three times more resistant to dust mites than any other foam; and soy-based foam provides ventilation.

    Natura’s pillows are designed with a resilient, contouring core that supports, but doesn’t pack down like feathers. An insulating wool liner regulates temperature next to the skin, warming or cooling as needed. Or try the moisturizing influence of the Aloe Pillow. Dual-sided pillows like the Perfected Pillow give the best of both worlds, with memory foam on one side and talalay latex on the other. Natura pillows are also available with Natur Pedic core.

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