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    Picking the Right Mattress

    If there's one thing we shouldn't underestimate, it's the importance of a proper night's sleep to our overall health and welfare. If you're tossing and turning at night or feel stiff and exhausted when you wake up, an old, worn-out mattress could be the cause.

    You never really know a mattress until you lie on it, but we've put together a guide to get you started before you visit the store.

    Watch our video for help on selecting the right mattress for you.

    Mattress Foam and Spring Technology

    Mattress Type Support System The Feel
    Dual Support Innerspring Dual innerspring systems include a collection of flexible wire coils within the mattress that balance and conform to your body. Adjusting springs cradle you as you rest. They balance your body, relieving pressure as there is movement.
    Pocket Coils with Individually Encased Coils Pocket coils are springs that are individially wrapped to absorb weight. Weight placed on pocket coils is not distributed to other coils. Since each coil absorbs weight on its own, sleeping partners tend to experience less motion.
    Memory Foam Memory foam was invented by NASA's Ames Research Center during an attempt to relieve gravitational-force pressure on astronauts during liftoff. They created foam that was able to conform to a shape and revert back to its original shape. As you sleep on this contouring foam, the mattress holds your body shape and you tend to get a firmer sleep.
    Talalay Latex Air is extracted from latex foam and the latex is flash-frozen, resulting in an "airier" latex. Latex foam is elastic, making for a softer, springier mattress.

    Mattress Comfort Levels

    Comfort Level Build Best For
    Firm Firm mattresses have flat tops with minimal extra padding made from various foams and fibres to give them a firmer feel without sacrificing support from the innerspring. They typically come with edge support for a firmer, comfortable edge. Firm mattresses are excellent choices for stomach-sleepers and people looking to support larger weights.
    Plush Most plush mattresses are constructed with pillow tops that include several layers of foam which contour to the body and reduce pressure points. Good for both back and side sleepers, this type of mattress is especially advantageous for people with minor to moderate back, neck and shoulder pain.
    Ultra Plush
    Luxury mattresses feature rich, natural foams and fibres such as latex, cashmire, and viscoelastic foams, designed to provide maximum support throughout the night. Excellent for back and side sleepers, users experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain, and for people who enjoy the feel of a mattress that cradles the body.

    Mattress Sizes: The Basics

    Mattress Size Dimensions Best For
    Overall Dimensions: 38" Wide x 75" Long Twin beds are best for children's rooms, dorm rooms, and small guest rooms.
    Overall Dimensions: 53" Wide x 75" Long
    Width per Person: 26"
    Full beds are good choices for single-sleepers with bedrooms or guest rooms that are too small to accommodate a queen size bed comfortably. A full size bed may be too short for adults over 5'5".
    Queen Overall Dimensions: 60" Wide x 80" Long
    Width per Person: 30"
    Queen beds are the most popular choices for most adults whether they share a bed or are single-sleepers. Queen beds work well in most master bedrooms and guest rooms.
    King Overall Dimensions: 76" Wide x 80" Long
    Width per Person: 38"
    King beds are the widest beds commonly available, and are the most comfortable for two adults. King beds require two twin-sized boxsprings, and are best suited to large master bedrooms.