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  • Live & Dine Modern

    By Lisa Riccotti I Photography by Rick Mondor

    A relaxed approach to the modern world

    The busier we get, the better contemporary design looks. Like an antidote to our stressful, harried times, contemporary style offers the calm and comfort that our lives outside our homes often lack.

    In the relaxed, liveable environment of a contemporary décor, there’s room to think, unwind and breathe again. Its simple but style-conscious design restores us; clutter is tamed and distractions minimized. We remember that less really is more, as we sit in well-chosen, functional furniture, whose clean, smooth lines are surrounded by a generous use of space. And the simplicity of a natural-toned backdrop becomes a new source of energy, letting us inject our personality with accents of colour and texture in vivid accessories and decorations that are uniquely our own. Easy on the eye and easy to live with, functional but beautiful, relaxed yet sophisticated — no wonder contemporary is increasingly the interior of choice for today’s homeowners. It works well in the large open concept floor spaces of modern homes, and it’s also not as difficult to pull off as others, probably because we’re instinctively tuned to its vibe. It’s a style to call - and make — your own.

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