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  • With an Interior Designer

    Sheri Krug is principal designer at Sheri Krug Designs, a contemporary residential design firm. Krug is active in the design community with her continued involvement with M.A.D.E. in Edmonton and Edmonton on the Edge.

    What should i consider for a restful bedroom?

    Comfort is number one for a good night’s sleep, so start by carefully choosing your bed and mattress.Do your research and try them out before buying.

    Reading Chairs
    Choosing Colours

    If clutter is the enemy of sleep, how can i control it?
    Many of us have small bedrooms, so it’s always a challenge. Thinking multi-purpose for more options. For example, instead of traditional bedside tables, I used bookshelves. These give storage vertically, while providing a display area for favourite items. Bookshelves also make it easy to access everything from the bed, but when you’re lying down, clutter is beyond your visual periphery. The seating bench at the foot of the bed gives a comfortable place to sit while changing, or relax in front of a fireplace, but also provides storage underneath. The bed’s always the largest piece, so l chose a platform style with pull-out drawers for storage. Because it doesn’t have a box spring, it’s very compact. Even the pillows play two roles, adding both comfort and personality. These are reversible, a different pattern on each side. And the tallboy dresser uses less floor space, with lots of vertical storage.

    What are some common mistakes that people make when putting together a bedroom?
    Often when people shop for bedroom furniture, they think they need to buy a complete set. But you can provide more individuality with non-matched choices, which may better suit your needs. I like mixing things up, sometimes using furniture not originally intended for the bedroom. These bookshelves are actually audio-visual units, used for a new purpose. Don’t feel limited to a traditional bed-and-chest-of-drawers look. Be thoughtful, measure your space in advance, and choose what’s right for you. You’ll also sleep better if your bed’s primarily for sleeping. We shouldn’t be doing everything in our beds. Think about adding other furniture for relaxation. I created a reading/conversation area by the window’s natural light, with comfy chairs that are a contemporary take on the traditional wingback. Their durable microfiber fabric is easy to clean if spills happen.

    Ideas for choosing colours and lighting to encourage tranquility in the bedroom?
    Generally bold colours aren’t the best choice. Neutrals are safest, and that’s my base palette here. But I added a green accent wall, a good choice for someone a bit braver who enjoys changing things up. This particular green is vibrant, energizing you in the morning. But the vibrancy depletes in lower light, so in the evening, it has a softer, cozier feel. I kept the window treatment neutral, since that’s a big-ticket item you don’t want to replace frequently. And I stayed neutral with accessories, bringing in lots of calming white, then added interest with matte and shiny multiple finishes, and depth by combining smooth and detailed textures. Non-traditional lighting can be very effective in the bedroom, like these floor lamps bedside, which take minimal space. An overhead chandelier can become an interesting focal point as well. To increase your lighting possibilities, think tri-lights and overhead dimmer switches.

    Lastly, what's important is the bed — the basis of a good night's sleep?
    Trends are great, but when investing in a bed, choose something to withstand the test of time — both aesthetically and structurally. I love this bed. It’s well-made from solid wood, well-designed, and a timeless style. It’s a lot of substance for a small space — a very elegant feel. The contemporary headboard has a slight curve to lean against, but is still compact with a thin profile. And again, the drawers keep all clutter out of sight, for a more relaxing environment.

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