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    How to Select an Accent Chair

    Accent or occasional chairs add interest to any room. They afford you the opportunity of adding new touches of colour, texture and shape – all tricks that motivate the eye to move around a space and find it intriguing, says Victoria interior designer Donna Morrison. Here are some innovative tips on how to select the right ones.

    Be Flexible

    Accent chairs can often serve more than one purpose, so don’t shy away from pulling your chaise from the master bedroom into the dining room if you’re having a larger group join in, and a formal dining chair may be just the thing to accent a bedroom or hallway. Be aware of your colour palette when making selections so you have more options.

    Shown Right: Woodrow Chaise
    Woodrow Chaise
    Hudson Taupe Accent Chair
    Consider Floor Space

    Floor space limits the number of accent chairs in a room. Make sure traffic can navigate comfortably around whoever is seated, and keep in mind lanky, stretched out legs! If you’re making a big style statement with accent chairs, use fewer of them. Let them truly be the focal point.

    Shown Left: Hudson Taupe Accent Chair
    Size Things Up

    For tall users, avoid chairs that are too low to the ground. Petite people won’t like chairs with a deep seat length. To use your accent chairs as extra seating in the dining room, select firm, sturdy ones that are the correct height.

    Shown Right: Hustle Swivel Chair
    Hustle Swivel Chair
    Mocha Micro Fibre Accent Chair
    Get Pairs

    Pairs of accent chairs can replace a loveseat or flank an occasional table and create an area that is both visually appealing and functional for socializing. Try matching chairs on either side of a fireplace feature or hall console.

    Shown Left: Mocha Micro Fibre Accent Chair
    Go Bold

    An accent chair can do its job solo, too. An elegant chaise longue or a comfy reading chair with ottoman will punch up a room if it adds nifty shape, fabric or colour. An accent chair that boldly embodies the theme of a room can make a strong and stylish focal point.

    Shown Right: Red Accent Chair
    Red Accent Chair
    Avenue Pearl Leather Chair and Ottoman
    Tone Down

    A room that's already bright and bold can be softened with a pale or neutral-toned chair. Oversized furniture can be complimented with a smaller-scale chair for balance and to create the illusion of more space.

    Shown Left: Avenue Pearl Leather Chair & Ottoman
    Factor in Arm Space

    Accent chairs come in as many styles; just make sure you factor in the space their arms will demand. Check the dimensions with a masking-taped outline or paper cut-out on the floor. Armless chairs will not only save space, but can double seating, too.

    Shown Right: Avington Striped Armless Companion Chair
    Avington Striped Armless Companion Chair
    Ashton York Brown Leather Chair and Ottoman
    A Separate Space

    Create a space apart by combining a chair next to a window with a small table and lamp to create a cozy reading nook. Choose a comfortable chair that reclines or can be paired with an ottoman in a low-traffic area of your home that beckons to be enjoyed.

    Shown Left: Ashton York Brown Leather Chair & Ottoman
    Consider Use

    Accent chairs in rec rooms and casual living rooms are likely to be used frequently and should be comfortable for extended seating, while chairs situated in hallways or bedrooms can be chosen more for their style.

    Shown Right: Navy Recliner
    Navy Recliner