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  • Get Movin’
    By Maddy Howard

    Now is the time to fit yourself with a lounger that caters to your relaxation needs. The Brick has introduced Design Your Recline, an assortment of styles, covers and functions that you can mix-and-match in your quest to create a groovin’ chair.
    Your custom chair is manufactured and shipped within 28 days of your order. Every frame is made from furniture-grade plywood and uses a reinforcing structure technology, making it more durable than traditional recliners. The reclining mechanisms are gravity-operated, greaseless and noiseless. Density foam supports your body comfortably when relaxing, and ensures the cushioning returns to its original shape after you get up. And all models are backed by a long-standing quality policy.

    So what are you waiting for?


    CHOOSE YOUR STYLE - 4 choices per style

    Each recliner has “let-your-whole-body-relax-as-you-melt- into-it” comfort but boasts different looks. All styles provide extra cushions to support your head, back and arms. The differences between the styles concern how much extra cushion you are looking for and how sleek you’d like your chair to look. Style 1 boasts several separate cushions for a cosy, pillowed look. Styles 2 and 3 are sleeker with a more padded look. Style 4 targets extra cushions for your head and arms, but keeps that padded look.


    CHOOSE YOUR COVER - 3 colours of fabric, 2 colours of leather per style

    Each style has a selection of leather or fabrics in a range of colour choices. For leather chairs, premium leather is used everywhere the body touches, with matching vinyl on outside arms and back. Options are also available in microsuede or padded microsuede. Fabric choices include polyester cord or chenille.


    CHOOSE YOUR FUNCTION - 4 choices per style

    There are four recliner-motion options: rocker, massage, swivel and power. Some styles allow you to purchase additional functions so you can get the best of more than one option.

    ROCKER: The rocker option soothes with a lulling back and forth motion.

    MASSAGE: With the massage option, your recliner moonlights as a masseuse with a vibrating motion that shakes.

    SWIVEL: The swivel function moves with you, which is helpful for side-to-side positioning.

    POWER: At the touch of a button, a silent electric motor allows you to effortlessly recline to your favorite position.

    Power reclining chairs are useful for people who have medical afflictions, such as arthritis, that make it difficult to get in and out of a chair comfortably.