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  • Chenille Chic

    When shine counts as comfort

    Chenille is back in mode. Over the years you’ve likely seen various versions of chenille taking shape as bedspreads, stuffed animals and quilts. This sofa version of chenille is sleeker, more refined, but the core is there: an interwoven fabric that naturally creates the appearance of a shimmer without any extra fibres inserted. Brilliance!


    Chenille is a textured fabric that is made from cored yarn, namely two yarns interwoven. The blended combination is known for being smooth and soft thanks to a mix of short and long yarns twisted together. The result boasts an iridescent sheen to this quilted-looking fabric.

    Chenille has a textured, piled look to the fabric that appears to look like peaks and valleys. A step away from smooth microfibers, the chenille look is more tussled. Often this fabric lends itself best to a contemporary or transitional feel as the texture is more subtle than a patterned polyester fabric and has less sheen than a leather sofa. That said however, there are several styles of living room pieces that lend itself well for this texture. Its subdued look also works well with accent pillows and accessories in a variety of colours and fabrics.

    Chenille sofas and chairs come in a variety of colours and textures but perhaps its best styling advantage is its flexibility. It’s an easy-wearing fabric that’s rough and tumble resistant. It works especially well in areas of high traffic such as a multi purpose rooms, small space living areas or your favourite sitting area.

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