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    By Michelle Stockal | Interiors by Sheri Krug Designs | Photography by Rick Mondor

    When you decorate your living space, it’s like saying “this is me.” You are unique. Expressing yourself is easy when you have choices. You know the final look is ‘you’ because you created it.

    Our Brick Design Center will help you design a space that fits your home, your style, and more importantly, your budget. It may sound overwhelming but it isn’t – it’s just four simple steps! Start by:

    1. Choosing your style

    3 styles to choose from - contemporary, transitional and traditional

    2. Selecting your choice of cover

    9 fabric + 9 bonded leather= 18 cover options

    3. Choosing your configuration

    21 different pieces to choose from

    4. Completing your look with the perfect accent chair, storage ottoman, and accent pillow

    7 Different Accent Pieces (3 Chairs, 3 Storage Ottomans, and Pillows) w/ 9 Accent Fabrics

    The difference between the CHOICES program and conventional sofa shopping is the array of options available, not only the price! Selections have been carefully chosen to offer you diversity at a reasonable cost and prompt delivery to your home – within 28 to 42 days!

    Divided into four sections, each briefly guiding you through the four simple steps to creating your perfect space, the guide below will assist you in determining the design that says you!

    Style is the expression of an opinion. Knowing your style is simpler than it seems as we tend to naturally gravitate toward preferences in fashion and furnishings. The trick is being able to identify your style!

    One way to get a sense of your own personal home décor style is to look at the details in furnishings you like and at other designed spaces. For most of us, it isn’t easy to simply imagine what we’d like; we need to see it to visualize it. Look for trends and common themes. Do you prefer straight or curvy lines to your furniture? Do soft or bolder statements appeal to you more?

    Consider as well the measure of investment you wish to make and how you plan to use the space. Will this be the finished look or a room you wish to continue to build on? Are you looking for a casual or more formal feel? Will your lifestyle be changing and will your furniture need to adapt? Knowing your plans for the décor will help you make better decisions and maximize your use of the furniture.

    There is no right or wrong answer to style; it is simply being true to your own expression. Remember, style is an opinion. And we all have one.

    The Options: 3 styles to choose from



    The traditional style takes inspiration from historical eras and is comfortable and familiar to most of us. Fabric choices are typically in soft colours while wood is often the predominant feature in a traditional room. It is an open and friendly look, with a sense of order and structure. The Raja line is a classic — the ultimate in traditional seating. You will fi nd gentle curves on furniture, subtle pillows and accents reminiscent of a different time. Although fi rst impressions of this line are that it is formal, it is easily adapted to a more casual setting with the right use of accents and placement.



    The contemporary style is known for its smooth, clean lines and geometric shapes. Pieces are simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. They are also easy to mix and match because of their sleek lines and understated form. This style works well with bold, solid colours and with other contemporary elements, such as metals and glass. The complete look maintains the feel of straight lines and solid, typically neutral colouring. It is modern without excessive detailing. The Preston line fi ts this contemporary mold. It is more structured and has a wider, more squared arm than the other choices offered. Preston’s no fuss maintenance fi ts well into a casual lifestyle.



    The Greta line is transitional in style, offering the best of both worlds. Here you will fi nd the strong lines of a contemporary look with the occasionally sweeping curve to hint at a softer, traditional feel. Transitional style is a favourite of those who want to include elements from both looks. Greta has a less formal, casual feel. If you like to be creative and experiment with your confi gurations, consider the Greta suite. Playing with bold colours and textures are welcomed in this style and a less structured format is easy to create.

    Expressing your style is easy with our well-chosen, compatible fabric selections.

    The secret to choosing the right covering is staying true to your chosen style. Are you looking for bolder or softer looks? What colour palette have you decided on for your room? Fabrics have been grouped together by content in a variety of colours to make your selection simple. Choose from polyester, spandex and rayon blends with different textures: corded-microsuede, linen-look or Chenille. Or, choose from 2 bonded leather looks: smooth grain, available in 4 colour options or heavy grain, available in 5 colour options.

    Function over Fashion

    What are the actual physical properties of fabrics to consider?
    Natural fibres include cotton and wool. Cotton and cotton-blends are sturdy, family-friendly fabrics. The durability of a cotton fabric is often determined by its weave and stain-resistant finishing.

    Man-made, synthetic fibres are often used in combination with each other and with natural fabrics (such as rayon, a man-made natural fibre made from wood pulp). Some examples of a synthetic fibre include, polyesters and spandex. Polyesters are rarely used alone in upholstery, they are usually blended with other fi bres to add wrinkle resistance and reduce fading.

    All the fabrics selected for the CHOICES program have a high amount of polyester content. This makes them more durable and resistant to wear and tear than fabrics with lower polyester blends. These high performers have also been rub-tested to assess resilience and have passed with flying colours, deemed made-to-clean and made-to-last. If that isn’t enough, all the fabrics have a tight weave. You’ll find that the tighter the weave, the more durable the fabric, which is something to consider when selecting a sofa covering.

    Now you can select from Bonded Leather CHOICES as well! All three styles are offered in a smooth, rich bonded leather look. Available in unique colour options, choose from “Smooth Grain”, a textured bonded leather with less indentations or “Heavy Grain”, a textured bonded leather with a more natural feel and deeper indentations. Both offer a beautiful leather-look, exceptional durability and clean-ability. Bonded leather is longer-lasting and better wearing than many other fabrics or leathers.

    Setting the Tone

    Colour choices set the tone for your room. Neutral colours, such as greys and browns, have an understated elegance, a connection to the Earth. They are colours that offer a strong foundation to build a colour scheme. You may find accent metals such as platinum and gold used with neutral colours. These metals are best left in a matte, not glossy, finish.

    Blues convey a calming, peaceful and spiritual voice. They offer hues for all seasons and a variety of colour templates. Rich tones of blues and purples offer a touch of luxury. Lighter, brighter hues tend to speak of nature conservation and the elements of air and water.

    Reds evoke intense, bold statements that have a strong personal message. They are best used by those with an adventurous spirit, and offer schemes to break existing colour rules. Red hues play off the vibrancy of life, drawing inspiration from abundant fruits such as tomatoes, berries and apricots.

    Which fabric are you?

    The Options:
    3 types of fabrics + 3 colours per fabric
    2 types of bonded leather + 9 colour options

    Choose your Fabric


    Choose your Leather


    Size up your room and determine which dimensions will work best for your space. Customization is available for sofas, sofa beds and a range of sectional arrangements.

    Interior designer Sheri Krug believes designing your floor plan is the “most important step, and often the most overlooked.” A successful design stage will help determine how easy the rest of the project will be. Take a moment. What do you want your space to be? Do you want it to be cosy and intimate? Is your preference for open, spacious living? The more open the desired effect, the more distance you will need between pieces.

    A cosy, intimate living space is often a versatile space. Televisions, entertainment units, sectionals and sofa beds can all occupy this room. Even if the space is cosy, it shouldn’t be crowded. Allow for traffic space around an open and closed sofa bed, and plan for approximately eight feet from sofa to your TV screen. Consider how the room will function in all its different capacities. Use warm colours and soft textures to keep the room inviting.

    Open, spacious areas typically have a focal point around which the furniture is positioned. In planning this area, it is important to ensure the seating allows everyone to see and hear each other comfortably.

    Furniture is often used in the middle of the room, not all against the walls. In this way, the room keeps its flow and spacious feel and pockets of space can be created for additional atmosphere.

    With your ideal space conceptualized, lay out your room on The Brick’s Online Planner. Measure the full size of the room. Mark the locations of windows and other features such as a fireplace. Position your furniture and let the experiment begin as you move pieces around online to create the perfect arrangement and adjust configurations as you go. Considering how difficult it is to move actual furniture, this will be time well spent!

    The Options: 21 different pieces to choose from, virtually endless configuration possibilities

    Sectionals are built from an assortment of pieces. For versatility, these pieces come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are easily, securely fastened together with a side clip. With CHOICES, there are 21 unique pieces to choose from to configure your seating. Here is the complete list of options available online and/or in-store.

    • Raja
    • Preston
    • Greta

    Pieces come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are easily, securely fastened together with a side clip.

    room planner

    Design Tips

    • Look for a focal point, like a fireplace or window and showcase it.
    • If your room has no distinguishing architectural features, create a focal point with artwork.
    • Don’t place all furniture against walls; use the middle of the room to create additional spaces.
    • Remember traffic flow; most traffic areas require at least two feet of space for walking.
    • Leave enough room to open doors, drawers and sofa beds.
    • Allow two inches between your furniture and the walls.
    • Note the locations of electrical outlets and wall studs to plan for lighting and pictures.

    Rarely does a living space have only one seating plan. Accent chairs offer both function and fashion, giving you a way to further personalize your look. How much seating will you require? How much additional seating can your room support? When picking from our choice chairs, only your preference is required.

    Each chair style is compatible with all the sofa suites — Raja, Preston and Greta — and offers either mixing or matching pillows. The differences in chairs reflect degrees in personality, not compatibility. Simply choose the chairs that will make you the most comfortable, and be confident in knowing there is no wrong answer to your combination. Each chair is available in nine different fabric accents, giving you an array of cover options.

    The Options: There are 9 different fabric accents available

    Three Types of Accent Chairs to Choose From

    Club Chair

    The Club Chair

    The bold yet pretty pattern makes a statement while still being able to harmonize with various styles and colours. Perfect for your bedroom or foyer, the Club Chair’s small-scale size allows easy integration into any space!

    Flared Arm Chair

    The Flared Arm Chair

    Upscale sophistication in a clean contemporary style with stylish flared arms. The attached back features an inverted camel back design. The perfect complement to any décor.

    Rolled Arm Chair

    The Rolled Arm Chair

    Classic traditional rolled arms are the highlight of this chair, but it is easily adaptable to a more casual setting. Accented in fabrics to suit any décor, this versatile piece is sure to enhance any space.

    There are 3 types of storage ottomans to choose from:

    Oval Ottoman

    Patton Steel Oval Storage Ottoman

    The soft tones and appealing pattern make a statement while still being able to harmonize with various styles and colours.

    Rectangular Ottoman

    Geometry Graphite Rectangular Storage Ottoman

    The quirky yet transitional pattern is sure to fit into any space while also injecting flair and style.

    Square Ottoman

    Spectacle Spa Large Square Storage Ottoman

    The soft tones and appealing pattern make a statement while still being able to harmonize with various styles and colours.

    Storage Ottomans provide a variety of functionality in a room

    • For comfort
    • As a table
    • As seating
    • For storage

    In Store PDF here.

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