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  • The Art of Organizing

    Prioritize your home. Create a new way of living.

    Clutter control is a lifestyle that you must dive into or you’ll forever paddle amongst piles and bundles in some crevice of your home.

    There is often a plan. Streamlining means deciding what’s important and then grouping items to give the eye a clear path. It also means finding the right storage solutions — a savvy unit is the most lauded pursuit. Yet getting things in order is as much an art form as it is a formula — that’s why we have filled this issue of The Brick Home with stylish and clever tips on The Art of Organizing.

    Family Room Makeover
    Spice Up Your Palette
    Work Patterns

    Start slow and clear the path
    Take on one room at a time. Don’t try to organize the entire house all at once. Always remove items you no longer need before you add anything into the mix. We’ve included a few rooms with which you may want to begin.

    Don’t lose sight of a room’s purpose
    Interior designer Sheri Krug in Family Room Makeover walks us through three versions of the same family room using different décors but remains steadfast to the rooms purpose. Learn how to select the furniture pieces you’ll need and how to pull off your own style.

    Decorate with your senses
    When grouping items think size, colour and texture. Get a taste for some of 2010’s fresh colours in Spice up your Palette. Think of audio and video items that can enhance your room experience in Eyes and Ears on Home Theatre.

    Search for the much-lauded storage option
    Find the right piece of furniture for your specific use. Consider the chestnut desk that hides wires and the textured storage cube as extra seating.

    Lest we not forget to be consistent, interior designer Katrina Walker - in Work Patterns - shows us the value of repeat groupings to keep things orderly.

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